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Alexandre Pébereau Interviewed on BFM Business

Alexandre Pébereau, CEO of iBASIS and Founder of Tofane Global, appeared on the set of Pari ETI on BFM Business with Patrice Begay. Through his interview he discussed the founding of Tofane and its evolution as the international operator of operators by expanding into 27 countries through strategic acquisitions.

As telecommunications continues to evolve, Tofane is at the heart of the transformation. 

Commercial SMS is reinventing the communication landscape, becoming essential for giants like Google, Uber, and Amazon. Tofane Global offers a global interconnection platform, facilitating exchanges between operators around the world.

When innovating in the digital sector, it is important to engage managers and the team in value creation. By sharing the added value and investing together, Tofane Global creates an environment where everyone feels involved and motivated.