Invest, innovate, and transform communications in the digital age

Tofane Global is a group specialized in international communications services and digital platforms.


Tofane Global is focused on driving growth and innovation in six major markets. Targeting and concentrating on each key domain is determined by the complementarity of new technologies and expert teams on a global scale. This strategy enables Tofane to deliver increased effects of scale that optimize the performance of its customers.

The iBASIS platform makes it possible to receive all types of communication, Voice, SMS, Data, from all types of fiber technology or 2-3-4-5 G mobile, and to seamlessly direct them among thousands of route possibilities, instantly selecting pricing according to cost and quality.


January 21–24, 2024
Honolulu, HI

Capacity Middle East
February 6–8, 2024
Dubai, UAE

Mobile World Congress
February 26–29, 2024
Barcelona, Spain

ITW 2024
May 5–7, 2024
Washington, DC


Tofane Global specializes in the consolidation and integration of businesses in the international communications industry. Tofane is committed to creating value for its partners through its investments, technological innovations, and independence.