Tofane was the first independent player to consolidate the international communications market specialized in voice services between operators.

The group continues to invest in the following high growth markets:


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Increasing demand for universal service. Between 2018-2021, A2P (Application to Person) SMS business messaging activity increased by 25% year over year. 

The continued increase in demand and the impact of COVID-19 on businesses is expected to accelerate this growth at a rate of 12.8% per year between 2021-2025.

Tofane offers a completely digital A2P SMS platform and a global network to complete A2P SMS business communications worldwide to mobile operators and Over The Top (OTT) providers. Its expertise in security and in the fight against fraud, in particular “smishing”, enables operators to increase revenues from their A2P SMS messages.

A recent agreement between iBASIS and Claro Ecuador enabled the mobile operator to immediately increase its revenues and performance with the deployment of a firewall and giving the Tofane subsidiary complete management of all business SMS traffic.


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by 2025

International voice market growth is mainly due to the increase of OTTs traffic by providers such as Skype, with the emergence of new digital applications. Fixed and Mobile operators prefer to outsource their international voice traffic to specialists such as Tofane, and as a result who can increase their market share.

Tofane transports all international communications for individuals and enterprises on behalf of operators around the world.

Tofane offers mobile, landline, and Over The Top (OTT) providers scalability and competitive pricing through the use of smart digital platforms.


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by 2026

5G is driving the digital transformation. An expert in the challenges of transforming markets and the telecommunications ecosystem, Tofane is invested in the opportunities to enable mobile operators, fixed lines, and network service providers with solutions to drive the adoption of new generation communication technologies.

We drive scale effects and competitive prices through reliable and secure interconnection solutions and intelligent platforms for the management of transport and routing of all international communications flows.

* The IPX network is a private and global IP network which provides all the interconnections between mobile operators to allow roaming exchanges.


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billion USD
by 2025

The turnover of the global IoT market is estimated at 372 billion euros in 2021.

The core international connectivity market for IoT is estimated at € 3.7 billion and is expected to grow by 33% CAGR to reach € 11.6 billion by 2025. In North America alone, the addressable market for national roaming connectivity is estimated at 2 billion euros.

Tofane offers a completely digital global connectivity platform with an intelligent architecture to manage the quality and cost of their communications. The group has invested in innovation in response to the specificities of different vertical segments of the connected objects market, i.e. automotive, transportation and smart devices, and has sealed numerous technological and commercial partnerships to increase its performance in cellular connectivity, LP-WAN, NB-IoT, and 5G.

Leveraging the iBASIS IoT connectivity solution and platform, customers can deploy their machines or objects internationally, connect them, configure them, and manage them securely and efficiently.


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billion USD
in 2021

Security attacks on telecommunications networks are on the rise. Since the COVID-19 crisis, new and increasingly sophisticated types of fraud have emerged, prompting governments and regulators to take new measures to ensure user safety.

To address this trend, communications providers are forecast to spend nearly 9.89 billion USD on cybersecurity solutions by 2022.

Tofane invests and innovates in anti-fraud, attack detection and prevention solutions in all communication areas – Voice, VoIP, A2P SMS, Mobile Data and IoT.

Innovations are focused on fast emerging technologies – machine learning, artificial intelligence, metaverse – and built upon the expertise of data scientists.


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Mainly driven by the digitalization of businesses, the cloud numbering market is expected to increase by ~14% between 2021-2025.

Driven by  remote working and digitization, use cases are exploding. One example that emerged and exploded during the health crisis is the massive use of Microsoft Teams. 

Tofane offers operators the integration of international calls and cloud dialing into the Teams platform to provide businesses with digital services anywhere in the world.

Our Customers

Fixed and mobile operators to transport their international communications requirements across Voice, Mobile Data, and A2P SMS.

OTTs (Over-the-Top) seeking global coverage to expand their digital services.

Communications Services Providers (CSPs), a new market of digital, Cloud and IoT service providers emerging in the communications sector with urgent requirements for international coverage to serve individuals, businesses, and connected objects or M2M.