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International carriers’ map to the IoT gold mine


The Internet of Things (IoT) is potentially the most significant driver of new developments, technologies and revenue for telecom operators since the evolution of the Internet itself. Strong words, but the increasing opportunity to derive value from the collection and analysis of data from all the objects surrounding us is rapidly moving from a vague idea to a fully realized reality.

Although many white papers and articles have been written about the opportunities in transportation, healthcare, education and so on, much of the focus has been on the role that mobile operators will play in IoT. However, a significant part of the value chain for global IoT applications will require the involvement of International carriers, and little has been said about if and how these players should position themselves in this complex equation. International carriers are at a turning point in their evolution, with many looking for solutions to move away from the basic voice and data transport functions, to re-invent themselves into high value solution providers and the aggressive support of IoT could be an integral part of this strategy.

This white paper (produced in partnership with Xona Partners) therefore focuses on the different roles that International Carriers can play in IoT and what steps they need to take now to guarantee a future that is more than providing the bit pipe necessary to make things work under the covers.

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Format: pdf
Number of pages: 18
Publishing date: September 2015