Creating a pure, specialised and independent communications solutions group to enable operators and digital players worldwide.

Digitisation needs scale, coverage and speed

The demand for international communication services has grown strongly worldwide, mostly driven by Mobile Handsets for quantity, Internet Video for volume and Business Applications for latency. Tofane Global considers that digitalisation strengthens industry specialists, by giving access to larger markets, offering economies of scale and enhancing service quality.

VoIP, Data, and Mobile International Services form a global sizable market

Voice calls still represent 2/3 of the €33 Bn international connectivity market. Data & Internet captures 25% of it, leaving only 6% for Mobile Services, which is displaying a double-digit growth (source: ADLittle). As a vital service, all networks require reliability and trust. Therefore, traditional services are surviving longer than one would have expected with the birth of Skype in 1995.

Consolidation and digital journey are the strategic drivers for mature players

Characterised by low capital expenditures and low labour intensity, the mature voice market is quite fragmented: the top 25 players represent a 75% market share, leaving room for efficient consolidation. At the younger end, mobile services are provided by only a fewer players.